Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blast from the past Video

Prayer Request

  1. For the many friends and family members serving in the military.
  2. School, although we are just getting started there is a lot to pray about.
  3. The big brown van, (guess what it is sitting at Pastor Brian's house right now because it won't start.)
  4. Christy's friend.
  5. Those playing football.
  6. Family members that really have some major health needs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

September 3rd, 2008

Schools Back In

By this time you are all back in school. Wow! Did the summer fly by or what? We are getting things rolling again here at THE NET. We've missed you this summer and hope you will be back. There are a lot of things planned starting with our Back to School Wacky Olympics on September 3rd. There will be some, well, crazy olympic games, tons of prizes and give-a-ways. So get your team together (teams of 5 people). We are also working on a Kings Island trip.....I know we all ready did an amusement park trip but we did not get enough. There will be info passed out this Wednesday about this trip. Right around the corner in October we have a paintball adventure planned. (flyers available)
This Sunday Pastor Brian is going to be preaching in big church and he said it would be great to get as many teens there as possible. We are going to set up a information table with all kinds of youth stuff available for you and your parents to pick up: calendars, paintball flyers/permission forms, prayer partner slips, etc. Hey, hope to see you there!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Don't Forget this WEDNESDAY! Aug 6th

Swimming Party at the Lewtons.

Bring your trunks, a towel, and a snack to share. Call Pastor Brian
if you have any questions. And yes the van will be running.

Never good bye

Well, you may have heard, Zack and Becca have moved away.

I know it's a bummer.

I know we have seen a lot of our sponsors over the last couple of years leave us...Katie, Chad, Mel, Andy, Jon, Julie, Amanda, Pastor Josh and Becca....its a long list. And we'll be going through it again in another year when Josh and Suzie move away to become youth pastors at a new church.

We must think in the was great getting to know them, it was great hanging out with them. Each of them taught us something different. They all mean so much to us, it's really sad when they leave. I want you to know that each of them left not because of us, they all loved us. They left because they felt that God had called them to do something different. Lets pray for them, and enjoy the time we all had together. Who knows we may get lucky and get them back sometime.

Just like the game of tag we played Wednesday night, there will be more come link up with us to walk with us on this youth group adventure, it will be fun. Just you wait and see.