Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sundays This Summer

June 6th - Fellowship Night

June 13 - OUT-REACH EVENT= Kids Carnival @ Pastor Lois Watkins Church in Fairmount

June 20 - FATHERS DAY, NO evening services

June 27 - OUT-REACH EVENT, to be announced

July 4 - NO evening services

July 11 - Fellowship Night

July 18 - OUT-REACH EVENT, to be announced

July 25 - Family Camp Service

August 1 - Family Camp Service & picnic at Pastor Brians Cabin

August 8 - Back Pack Sunday, NO evening services

August 15 - Fellowship Night

August 22 - Kids Sunday - Fellowship Night

August 29 - Movie Night

September 12- resumes the regular Sunday Evening schedule.

Ok this is the official Chapel Pike Wesleyan Sunday Event schedule for the Summer of 2010.

There are several OUT REACH events scheduled. We really need your input and help with them as we try to reach out into the community and reach people for Christ. So plan on coming and being a part of those. And if you have any ideas let Pastor Brian know and we can do that on those nights.
Now the fellowship nights: thats just the churchy way of saying we'll be hanging out at someones house. As we get closer to those Sundays you'll be getting information as to where and what we'll be doing. It's going to be a great summer, have high expectations and you wont be disappointed.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paint Ball Trip

May 15, 2010
Arrive at the
Splat Attack Field between 1:15-1:30
Games beginning at 2, we have the field till 5.

Cost: Everyone pays $5, for field rental and Referees and you must fill out a new 2010-2011 Waiver

If you need gear: $12= gun/mask rental
& you have to use the field paint, $43 per case of 2000 (He does sell it by the 500s but the case is the best deal)

$5 (field and refs) $12 (rental gear) $43 (paint if you don't find someone to go in with you) $60 bucks. Now you can save money buy buying fewer paintballs, or if you have someone go in with you on a case of paint.

If you have your own gear:
$5 for field/refs
CO2= $ 6 for a 20oz (I think all day nitro is $8)
BYOP (Bring your own paint) this week a case of 2000 is $29 dollars at Dunhams Sporting Goods

Pastor Brian has a few extra guns if you would like to rent one of his for 5 dollars, you would still need to rent a tank and pay for air. But you could use your own paint. See him for details.