Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Last month we talked about "reflecting," "mirrors" and how we should be reflecting HIM who is in us. This month our illustrations will come from FIRE. Do you have any ideas of how we could teach with fire as our illustration? Send them in. :)

Monday, May 19, 2008


Last week Pastor Brian taught us about our hearts and how they are reflected in us. Do you remember the verse he used to speak from?

The first person that logs in with the correct verse will get a free soda. AND those who come to youth meeting this week with that verse memorized will also receive a freebie!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


How has your "light" been? Glowing? Tell us about it.

We are looking for a few students to help us keep everyone updated through this blog. Would you be willing to help? What we need is one student each week to write up a "This is what happened in youth group this week" blog entry. This isn't like homework. Really, it isn't! All you'll need to do is sit down at the computer, write an email to Pastor Brian, and he will take care of the posting. Trust us; it will be much better to get other ideas and perspectives on youth meeting. Hmmmwho knows? There may even be a soda in it for you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Camp Forms

Sr High Camp Reg. FORM

Jr High Camp Reg. FORM

Click on the links above to get to the camp form you need.

Coming Soon

Keep your eyes open...I've heard the new shirts are in the mail !

Monday, May 5, 2008

Never To Young

This past weekend you may have missed out on a great time at Indiana Wesleyan. Never Too Young is a jr. high event that really rocked. We had a total of 7 go from Chapel Pike to join over 800 from around the world, well, maybe I should say from around the area--Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. KC and the Gloworms showed up to help us drive the bus. Jason Boyer was the main speaker and, of course, we had the run of IWU. Some of us did the rock climbing wall and went swimming in the giant IWU pool. It was a blast! If you went, please be sure to leave a comment and share one of your NTY stories.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last Night in THE NET

Pastor Brian had been cleaning off some shelves in his office and ran across this book, copyright 1974. 125 crowd breaker games, numbered 1-125. We shouted out a number, and if it didn't require props, we played. We did the ol' standby, #103 'Honey if you love me please, please smile', and #56 'Coke Chug', #25 'Barefoot Scramble' and wrapped up the game portion of the evening with the 'Roller Coaster/Restroom Break' skit. It was a night of throw back fun. PB said the book was going back on the shelf until he moves the book shelf in his office again. So sad.

I'm pretty happy we don't live in the old youth group days.

After the game portion of the evening we heard about Campus Challenge, again, and how the Wesleyan Schools offer scholarship money for participation in the campus challenge program. We were encouraged to talk with Gale and Becca about getting ready for that event.

At the end of youth meeting we picked prayer partners and promised to pray for 5 of our friends from THE NET everyday this week. Everyone in the group made a commitment to pray. So tell us about your prayer time, who are you praying for? Have you kept up on your commitments?